16 Oct

The Witch Sisters Part Four

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“Huh?” I said, dumbfounded. I had never just been let go before so you could understand my confusion.

“Look’s like your getting a pass on this one,” said Bennett. He was really unhappy.

“OK.” I slowly stood up and started to walk out. “I don’t like to question situations like this but why?”

Bennett just nodded, so I turned. I instantly understood when I saw Kelly standing there in a suit.

“Ah, right,” I said. “It has been a pleasure Officer and thank you for the hospitality but I will see you around.”

He grabbed me by the arm and held me tight—as tight as a human could, anyway.

“You better hope not,” he said, “and if you step one toe out of line you won’t get any ‘get out of jail free’ card again.”

“Noted,” I said and he let go. As I walked toward Kelly I raised my eyebrows and grinned. She shook her head, trying to tell me not to do anything stupid. That’s what I got from it anyway.

When we walked outside we headed for her car.

“You bailed me out,” I said. “You are so sweet.”

“I couldn’t leave you in there,” she said. “You know too much.”

“You know I could have gotten out, right?”

“Yeah but this way was much cleaner.”

I nodded my head.

“How did you get me out?” I asked her.

“Don’t worry about it,” she answered. “Just try not to be so careless from here.”

“No promises.”

After we climbed into the ridiculously nice car—maybe I should consider joining—she put it in drive and we headed out.

“We need to go to my bike,” I said. “I’m guessing they didn’t find it or I’m sure they would have asked a lot more questions.”

“They don’t have it,” she informed me.

“How do you know that?”

“I took it when I saw them arrest you. Don’t worry it’s safe.”

I was very concerned with the fact that she had taken my bike without my permission, even though I appreciated that the police didn’t find it, but there was something else that was bothering me.

“You knew I was in there all day and waited until now to get me out?” I asked her, kind of aggravated.

“Yeah,” she replied matter-of-factly.


“I figured you could have used the time to think.”

I was mad. Not only did her agency obviously have more power that I realized, but she also wanted to teach me a stupid lesson. It’s not like I didn’t know how stupid I was. She didn’t need to prove a point.

“Whatever,” I whined. “Just take me to get my bike. Where is it?”

“Back at the hotel my team and I are staying at,” she replied.

“Good. I could use a room, too.”

“We’re not paying for your room.”

“I don’t expect you to.” I felt like I could smack her I was so mad. I wouldn’t hit a girl or woman, though, even if they could kill a vampire. I’ll just splash water in their faces.

The motel wasn’t far from the jail cell but that didn’t really matter too much because it was just far enough for us to not make it. All of a sudden everything around us shifted from houses and businesses to a wooded area. Now that might seem weird to a normal person but those that are familiar with a witch know that this is not that out there. I wonder if she moved us or was just creating an illusion. Either way it wasn’t cool. I told you—witches’ powers were beyond ridiculous.

All of a sudden the car grind to a halt.

“I’m thinking this isn’t the best time to stop,” I pointed out.

“I didn’t stop,” she said.


The doors whipped open and the two of us were ripped from the car like we were rag dolls. I landed on my back and rolled off into the woods. I was quick to recover, though, because I couldn’t let Kelly face off with the witch by herself. She wouldn’t survive it.

When I reached the other side of the road and found her holding her arm I was sure that it was broken.

“Are you OK?” I asked her.

“I’ll live,” she said, “for now.”

“We need to get out of here.”

It was already too late, though. The witch was floating toward us, hovering a foot off of the ground with a cloud of mist trailing behind her. Something about this witch seemed different, like she was stronger than what I was used to. She let out a blood curdling laugh that made my skin crawl.

“I have grown tired of your presence,” she said in a low, booming voice. “Now you will pay the price.”

The problem was, we probably were. My bike had anything that I needed to get rid of the witch but I had nothing. Fire was the best thing to use against them but I didn’t even have a lighter. It’s their kryptonite. If I tried to attack her she would just turn me into a rabbit or something crazy like that.

That didn’t matter, though, because I had to try. I ran toward her and leapt in the air. Then there was a bright, white light…

The Witch Sisters: Part Four

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