02 Oct

Vampire Assembly Line Part Four

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The warehouse looked completely deserted. That is always how a vampire nest looks; otherwise they would be caught a lot more often. It was a brick building and had to be at least 100 years old. I climbed off my bike and geared up. I put my belt on, which held my Desert Eagles, and grabbed my trusty axes. The moment my fingers touched them I felt more comfortable.

I stalked forward toward the “empty” building and I knew they were here. No, not because I can feel them. I already told you I can’t pinpoint their exact location. The smell is what gave them away. It was like a cross between wet dog and cow manure. It took everything I had to not throw up right then and there.

There was a soft noise and I stopped dead in my tracks. Whatever it was it came from inside the building, somewhere far off in the distance. There was definitely someone or something here. As I took another step something leapt out from the shadows and tackled me to the ground, causing me to drop my axes. The vampire hissed at me and tried desperately to bite down on my neck. I put my hands up just in time and held it back. After a few seconds of “struggling” I threw the hideous monster and watched as it slammed into a tree, taking some bark with it.

I rolled onto my knees and picked up my axes. The vampire came at me again but I spun around and chopped its head right off. It fell to the ground and it didn’t get back up, for obvious reasons. Like I told you, a quick chop to the head and it was done. I would have to come back to burn the body later. It wasn’t that they could come back to life but the inevitable smell would draw a lot more unwanted attention–more than this town already had.

Tip toeing my way around to avoid giving myself away, I made my way around the building trying to find a good way to enter. The front door was shut and if I tried to open it there was no doubt in my mind that it would make a horrendous amount of noise. Luckily enough I found an open window, but I couldn’t quite go in there yet because there was a noise off in the woods nearby. I knew that it was them drawing me in but I had to play into their trap.

The woods weren’t very thick so if it wasn’t for the dark I’m sure I would have been able to see them, but remember what I told you–they are great hunters. Before I could even take two steps past the first tree they jumped down, one in front of me and the other behind. And that is where we began. Where did we leave off anyway? Oh yeah, right, the vampire leapt at me and I lifted my axe to kill it but it was too late…

I bet you thought I was going to leave you hanging here again, didn’t you? Well, I’m not, so calm down. As I went to raise my axe the vampire was too fast and tackled me. It was quicker still when it bit me in the neck. Don’t worry, I am completely immune to any monster.

Pushing with very little effort, I hoisted the creature in the air, rolled on the ground and swung my axe, taking another head. The other two tried to jump in but as fast and as strong as they were, they couldn’t compare to my power or my training. Twenty seconds later they were both dead.

Now that I had their trap, and probably distraction as well, taken care of I went back to the building. The window was still open so I climbed through and started to work my way around the warehouse. I knew that if kept venturing around the first floor I was sure to trigger something I didn’t want to so I ascended the stairs up into the second floor.

I heard the noise I had heard earlier when I was outside coming from down the hallway. It was some sort of cry or whimper. I slowly walked forward with my axes ready by my side. The next room was large and there were huge, metal tubs that were empty.

Now I have been hunting for a long time and I have gone up against a lot of vampires. There is always a pattern and that is they capture someone, eat them, then a week later they grab another person, and then they would move on. I knew when I was heading down to this awful town that there was more but I couldn’t understand why there were so many of them.

As I looked down at about 15 vampires I saw all of the missing people and they were still alive. They were turning them…

Vampire Assembly Line: Part Four

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