Where do apples come from?

17 Sep

I found myself in a field with my cousin Emma, full of wonderful trees with apples growing off of their limbs. This was strange to me because I had known apples to come from my fridge but never from a tree.


“Do you see them?” I asked her.

“See what?” she replied.

“The apples? They’re everywhere.”

They were on the trees and all over the ground. There were green ones, red ones, and even green and red ones. The thought of it all was almost too overwhelming. I needed to investigate the mystery further.


The ground around the trees was littered with these special fruit but they didn’t look too appetizing—some of them were rotting. It was very off-putting so I turned my attention to the ones hanging on the branches. I scanned the trees until my eyes fell upon the perfect one—it called to me. For the longest time I just stared at it; it looked just like the ones that lived in my fridge but what was so special about these?


Image“Look,” I said to Emma. I took another one off the Imagetree and handed it to her.

“It’s an apple,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I know but why is it hanging from the tree?”

“I don’t know. Who cares?”


I cared. I decided to end some of the mystery and took a bite: the result was Imagealmost euphoric. It was so full of flavor and juice that I felt like my tongue was going to explode. I could see why there were so many people there now because these were much better than the ones that came from my kitchen. Emma didn’t seem very interested.

The rest of the day was spent wandering the endless fields of “apple trees,” pondering how I could have gone so far in life and never have known about this. I wondered if other fruit grew on trees.

ImageI went apple picking with my family and after seeing the pictures my wife took I just couldn’t help myself.

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