The Day My Life Changed

09 Sep

I had known about it for months but it wasn’t something that I had fully grasped yet—how could I? It was a Saturday morning and I had a little over an hour before I had to leave for work when it happened.

“Oh,” my wife said. “Oh, oh, OH, OH!”

“What?” I asked.

“My water broke!”

I panicked. Not in a bad way but a happy way. I ran around the apartment like a chicken with its head cut off and couldn’t stop texting everyone. My wife was in the bathroom telling me to calm down and so I went to play Wii tennis to practice for a tournament we were having at work—weird I know but it was working.

A couple hours later we were in the hospital waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It was tough because my wife wasn’t having any contractions despite the fact that her water had already broken, so she was induced. From what she had heard—and experienced—inducing labor made it more painful.

After over 12 hours it was time to push and things were beginning to get real. I had promised myself and told everyone that I wasn’t going to watch, but when it came down to it I couldn’t help it. The whole time she was pushing I couldn’t have been more proud of my wife—it was also horrifying. I could never have done what she did and I will always respect her for going through that ordeal.

Time was getting close and midnight was just around the corner. The next day was my father’s birthday so we—by we I mean the nurses and I, because my wife was not aware of the time at all—were watching the clock wondering if he was going to come before or after midnight.

ImageFinally at 12:04 a.m. February 12, 2012—my dad was happy to share the day—my son was born into this world. As I looked into his face something inside me awoken, a part of me I never knew existed. I knew my life was never going to be the same again and I couldn’t have been happier for it. For the mom’s they realize the change well before because they are pregnant with the baby, but for the dad’s it isn’t real until they can see him or her. I knew that I would love him more than life itself.


He’s over 18 months now and my life has definitely changed since then—it will never be the same. There are parts of my life that I will miss forever but that doesn’t even compare to how happy I am now that he is with us. Everyday I can’t wait to wake up and see him. Every time I have to leave

for work, I miss him the moment I close the door. I have only spent a couple nights away from him and each time I have trouble sleeping, knowing he’s not in his room next door. Although, I definitely appreciate naptime because that is when I have time to write or do whatever I need—mostly writing.

Having a child will completely change your life and you can really appreciate how your parents feel about you growing up because no matter how old he gets he will always be my little guy.

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